Featured article in Neuron: TMC1 Forms the Pore of Mechanosensory Transduction Channels in Vertebrate Inner Ear Hair Cells

August 23, 2018
Preview by Peter G. Barr-Gillespie

Honing In on TMC as the Hair Cell's Transduction Channel

The identity of the inner ear's transduction channel has bedeviled auditory neuroscientists for decades. In this issue of Neuron, Pan et. al. (2018) report the most convincing evidence to date implicating the transmembrane channel-like (TMC) proteins as forming the pore of the transduction channel.

Authors: Bifeng Pan, Nurunisa Akyuz, Xiao-Ping Liu, Yukako Asai, Carl Nist-Lund, Kiyoto Kurima, Bruce H. Derfler, Bence György, Walrati Limapichat, Sanket Walujkar, Lahiru N. Wimalasena, Marcos Sotomayor, David P. Corey, Jeffrey R. Holt

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