Hugo Fluhr

Hugo Fluhr

Faculty Mentor: Mark L. Andermann, PhD
Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Project Title: Automated analysis of mating behavior across timescales
Hugo Fluhr Photo

Project Summary: In the Andermann lab, I investigate  the neural  circuits involved in the mating behavior of mammals. Using this behavioral model, I hope to understand how neurons and cells, which are governed by events on the millisecond scale, can produce signals that can last up to several days . Our project seeks to bridge these two time-scales.

My current focus is on developing computer-vision tools to track and classify mouse behaviors, in order to map the animal’s actions to neural activity in specific brain regions. This has so far been made possible by the use of deep learning tools , which we hope will help us understand how neuronal events orchestrate behaviors and persistent behavioral states.


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